30s/F/Malaysia. I'm an amateur classical musician, and I like playing viola in chamber ensembles. To be frank though, there's nothing extraordinary about my musical abilities. My husband, Ahmad Aliff, is the real deal. From 2014 to 2020, the two of us formed independent orchestra groups of varying sizes and instruments, to varying degrees of success. We may not be able to achieve our musical vision in our lifetimes, but there is always a place for music in our lives.

Aliff and I have hardly been apart since we were married, and we work together on most things. While he is the brains behind everything, I might help to edit music scores, proofread English grammar, or simply organise the stuff we need to bring for a performance.

I'm grateful to have this web space to express myself, as I no longer want to use social media for this purpose. It would be an added bonus if something I publish here is helpful to anyone.