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In the spirit of ‘Catsum Ipsum’
Chamber music group started pure intentions good friends come together play great classical music. Friends invited acquaintances invited friends grew bigger become string orchestra. Happy times humble concerts. Bigger group attendance worser. Admin and management all done two people. Talented play well skip rehearsals no talent play bad always come. One week before concert everybody want join after concert all disappear. Burnout from biggest concert two months recover. Realise Malaysians like glamour not music. Traumatised.


Hall-O-Zine 2021

Threading a needle----Push the needle eye against the thread instead of trying to poke the thread through the needle eye.

Someone to love,
something to do,
and something to look
forward to.

Toybox ca.

Past me more or less included the sites where they came from in the filenames so I could credit them later, nevertheless most of them no longer exist. The bottom row was made by past me.