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Building this site is a kind of creative therapy for me because getting HTML and CSS to realise a concept is like solving logic puzzles. Right now it is an assortment of things I want to share with anyone who wants to see it. I hope to add to the site little by little over time. Thanks for visiting!

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Layout History

Layout No. 4
4 - 2021.10
Got rid of the short posts. Recreated the fabric of our living room curtains for the background.
Layout No. 3
3 - 2021.05
Attempt at CSS gradient background and a wider content frame. Debut of the pixel violin.
Layout No. 2
2 - 2021.02
Just a colour change and tabs that make more sense.
Layout No. 1
1 - 2020.11
First time writing a lot of code in about twelve years. Took quite a while to figure out the nav ‘tabs’. This site was very helpful in getting reacquainted.

Links To Other Sites

“The Internet & Capitalism” on Yesterweb Zine · Brief write-up about what the Internet was like, and what it has become.

“The Granny Knot” on Ian's Shoelace Site · Learn how to tie proper shoelace bows from Professor Shoelace.

Listography · For making lists for reflection, inspiration, etc. There are no likes or comments, no way to interact with other users on-site. I actually discovered Neocities through someone's Listography. My own account has been around since 2008 and it was cringey nice to see things my younger self wrote.