Experimenting with uploading font files directly to Neocities, seems successful so far. Found the current font LektonCode on Font Library. The lowercase 'm' tickles my heart.


Launched a brand new look for this mini site, it feels slightly more original now.


I miss going into shops without having to "sign in" first.


Uploaded a video on YT about biola/violin and viola, in Malay with on-demand English subtitles. Several first times involved including learning new software and compositing. Looking forward to doing more and hoping this will be a small spark to ignite good things to come.


Been making tiny tweaks and have often had to go through all of my pages one by one to edit one or two lines of code. Thankfully there aren't many pages yet.


After an additional 55 days of being good citizens, we finally drove more than 7KM away from home, and managed to exercise both our car and our legs.


Life is most complete when I can hear Aliff working on a music score.


I was really excited to discover Neocities, having enjoyed HTML and CSS in the early 2000s. In the process of creating this site, I read Interneting Is Hard's tutorials like I was studying for a degree, and proudly managed to produce a same result using either floats or flexboxes. The latter method is cool and more logical to me.


Why Music Education is Important published on AhmadAliff.com.


My husband is basically a Malaysian classical music genius who has accomplished remarkable things before the age of 30--but it matters not when his work is so well hidden. Going to Moscow in 2017 proved once and for all that we were not sitting on our high horses.


30s/F/Malaysia. I'm an amateur classical musician, and I like playing viola in chamber ensembles. To be frank though, there's nothing extraordinary about my musical abilities. My husband, Ahmad Aliff, is the real deal. From 2014 to 2020, the two of us formed independent orchestra groups of varying sizes, to varying degrees of success. We may not be able to achieve our musical vision in our lifetimes, but there is always a place for music in our lives.

Aliff and I have hardly been apart since we were married, and we work together on most things. While he is the brains behind everything, I might help to edit music scores, proofread English grammar, or simply organise the stuff we need to bring to a performance.

I'm grateful to have this web space as an outlet, since I want to use social media as little as possible. It would be an added bonus if something I publish here is helpful to anyone.